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Think Wellbeing in Wigan

Think Wellbeing in Wigan offers free NHS therapy for adults aged 16 and over with common mental health problems like anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Some of the signs of these problems include:

  • Not wanting to do things you used to enjoy, like hobbies or seeing friends
  • Feeling down or hopeless about the future
  • Having trouble sleeping or sleeping more than usual
  • Feeling tired or having little energy
  • Not being able to stop worrying
  • Feeling restless and agitated
  • Feeling afraid all the time, like something bad is going to happen

These are all normal from time to time but if they last for longer than a couple of weeks, it’s probably best to seek some help.

If any of these sound familiar, Think Wellbeing is here to help

How does our service work?

With our easy-to-access, flexible therapy options to suit your lifestyle, you’ll have a choice of either:

Option 1 – Online Guided Self-Help through our SilverCloud system

• Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

• Can be done at a time and place that suits you

• You will get weekly online support from your therapist

• You will have access to the system for a year after you’ve been discharged from the service

• Some people find it more effective than one to one therapy

Option 2 – Skills for Wellbeing Course

• A six-week course that will help you develop skills to manage your mood and anxiety

• The sessions are informal and relaxed, and you don’t have to talk about your problems

• Courses are available by video call

• You will have a choice of times you can attend

• New courses begin regularly, so you won’t have to wait more than a few weeks to join

When you have your first assessment appointment with a member of our team, you will have plenty of time to talk through the two options in more detail to help you decide which one is right for you.

Most people find that Online Guided Self-Help or a Wellbeing Course is all they need to feel better, but if you still need extra help after completing these, we will then offer you, one-to-one therapy with one of our specialist therapists.

How do I access the service?

It’s simple! If you’re registered with a Wigan GP and think we can help, call us today on 01942 764449 or self-refer online at

Please note, we are a non-urgent service. If you need urgent help, please make an emergency appointment to see your GP or contact the Wigan 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line on 0800 051 3253 (freephone).

Download the information leaflet here